Refugee Services

Easing the Arrival and Resettlement Process for Refugees


The Alliance’s Refugee Services encompasses a variety of programs including Reception and Placement, Cultural Orientation Matching Grant, and Refugee Cash Assistance. Reception and Placement provides a range of domestic services for newly-arrived refugees to help them to adjust in their new lives in Houston. Refugees receive Reception and Placement services during their first 30 days of arrival. During this time, case managers provide core-services to refugees, such as airport pick-up, housing arrangements, utility connection, cultural orientations, home visits, benefit enrollment, and health screenings. Case managers also assist clients with school enrollment, registering for social services, and applying for identification cards.

All of The Alliance’s programs work in unison to ensure newly-arrived refugees achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment within 90 days of arrival. Thanks to our commitment to a holistic approach to resettlement, 85% of our refugee clients achieve this goal!